April Fool’s Day Wedding

April Fool's Day Wedding

Watch what happens when you have an April Fool’s Day Wedding. What starts out as a completely normal wedding unfolds into some hilarious surprises with an appearance straight out of the Princess Bride. Monica and Chuck..or Monichuck as they were referred to by the friend and wedding officiant were married on the sand in Hermosa Beach.

I always try to work with my clients when they have their own ideas for the wedding and one of the things that Monica and I talked about was how she was less interested in the standard stuff that she had seen online by others with a lot of footage of the dress hanging, and the rings, etc. and wanted to focus more on their family and tell the story of how they met.

We choose to spend the time during bridal prep doing a short interview where her sister asked her a few questions about how she met Chuck, how he proposed and so forth. It was really fun interweaving some of their story into the wedding film and really showed their fun, goofy and romantic sides.

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