Blog Feature- Love 24 fps

Love 24 fps

Last week I had the honor of being featured on the Love 24 fps blog. Love 24 fps is a blog celebrating the best in wedding and live event filmmaking. If you’re asking yourself “what is fps?”, it stands for Frames Per Second. And 24 frames a second is what the filmmaking community commonly uses to achieve the highly coveted “film look”. It gives your footage a nice flowing and pleasing look in comparison to the jittery plastic look that video filmed in a higher frame rate can sometimes appear.

They gave a nice little write up about Amanda and Michael’s wedding film and about something that I always keep in mind when filming which is to “film with purpose”. This means not chasing trends or relying on the latest gear but instead focusing on the important elements such as story, emotion, lighting and composition. I choose to film this wedding with more of a static look mostly with a tripod rather than a lot of movement using sliders, stabilizers or drones. This paired with the beautiful soft music and touching words spoken during the ceremony really complimented one another well.

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