In Conversation with Alejandro Calore

Recently I had the chance to chat for a few hours with one of my favorite wedding filmmakers, Alejandro Calore of Real & Short. Alejandro’s style draws heavily on the study of the audio-visual language as it is applied to cinema. He is an Argentinian videographer now working out of Italy and his work is very unique and refreshing.

One of the reasons I got into filming weddings in the first place was because of my love for cinema, music and art. I absolutely love watching movies and applying the inspiration I get from them into my work. One thing that I always found challenging with the conventional Hollywood style of movie making is the enormous team effort that is required. It is very liberating operating with a documentary approach and being the sole author of a wedding film. It is one of the few filmmaking opportunities I’ve discovered where I can apply my singular vision from conception to delivery. And the reward is having a built-in audience (bride, groom and their families) that will celebrate it.

Alejandro has a very unique and refreshing approach to his craft. He doesn’t chase the latest trends when it comes to gear (drones, gimbals, etc.) but rather relies on a single camera and filmed with a singular point of view. It really is amazing how much more substance you can capture when you are not bogged down with so much equipment.

We spoke at length regarding the application of classic cinema techniques that he learned while studying at film school and how those ideas can be applied to wedding filmmaking. He was kind enough to review a few pieces of my work and came prepared with tips and suggestions on how I could expand my craft.

Alejandro Calore

If you are interested in exploring Alejandro’s methods I would highly encourage you to sign up for one of his online mentoring sessions. He is very knowledgable in regards to the study of cinema and it’s application. I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation and found him to be very encouraging and generous with his time. I’m always searching for ways to fuel my filmmaking passion and found our time together to be very inspirational.

You can check out more of his work on his site but here is one of my favorite pieces. Who says you can’t use suspense or humor in a wedding film.

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