Day at the Beach

School was out Monday so I packed up some gear and took the girls out for a day at the beach. We headed up to Carpenteria Beach just shy of Santa Barbara and hit the local burger shack. They’ve got a great play area right next to the restaurant overlooking the ocean and the train tracks.


I brought the new Sony A7s mark ii along with the insane Canon 70-200 2.8 telephoto lens. I’ve been shooting with the A7s for awhile now and it’s just an amazing little camera. It shoots stunning 4k resolution video and is packed with features. These cameras are renowned for their low-light capabilities which really comes in handy filming weddings.

What I really wanted to test out though was the incredible slow motion video that it can capture. Most of the footage was shot at 120 frames per second and then slowed down to 24 fps in post. I color graded the footage in post to look more film like with my favorite plug in by Film Convert. Everything was filmed with Sony’s S-log 3 with is the flattest profile this camera can film with. Seeing the kids run up and down the beach in slow motion was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to try it out at the next wedding.


A few weddings down the road I’ve found some great uses for the super slow motion feature. My favorite is filming people on the dance floor. You know that one guy that always winds up on the dance floor doing some crazy break dance move. Yes! It looks amazing slowed down and then sped back up to the beat of the music.

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