Destination Weddings

Destination weddings are becoming more and more popular and I have to admit, exotic locations set the scene for amazing wedding films! Whether you’re going to a tropical honeymoon location or an old world destination in Italy, we’re ready and willing to go along.

Think of all of your favorite movies and how important the locations and set decorations effect the feel of them. The way I see destination weddings is the setting is like another personality that affects the tone of the film. For a lot of the destination weddings that I do I get asked to come in at least a day early to film the rehearsal dinner. Usually the speeches from the dinner are amazing and contribute so much to the wedding film. Everyone tends to just be so much more relaxed and funny during the rehearsal.

What I usually try to do is come in a day early or not leave the day after. I take that time to film a lot of the location and capture some epic establishing shots or time-lapse of the venue. I also love when the couple has time to meet up for a quick video shoot. We can either treat this like an engagement type of photo/video shoot or we can do a day after shoot. Sometimes the bride and groom like to put their dress and suit on and do a more adventurous filming ideas by the beach. Things they might be timid to try on the weddings day when they don’t want to get the dress too dirty or we just don’t have the time during the wedding to get to.


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