Indian Wedding In Malibu

Indian Wedding

Well, it finally rained in California. It was a beautiful wedding despite the rain falling during the second ceremony. Yes, two ceremonies. How cool is that! First up was a lovely Indian wedding followed by a western wedding. It was a lovely blending of cultures and traditions as two very different families came together during this Malibu wedding. One of my favorite officiants, JP Reynolds delivered some very touching words that fit perfectly in the wedding film.

There were some heartfelt moments, lot’s of laughs and some gorgeous views from the top of the mountain at this Malibu wedding. We were even graced with a perfectly timed rainbow (check out that cake shot). We brought out the drone for this one and had a lucky break with the weather in order to get it up and capture some lovely aerial views. It’s so rare to see the hills over Malibu be green so that was a nice treat. Despite being a little wet and freezing cold we had a lot of fun capturing this wedding.

Saddlerock Ranch has several areas where they host weddings but by far the most spectacular is the Chateau Le Dome.

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