Is a “First Look” right for you?

The First Look. It’s one of the most common “should we or shouldn’t we” questions when it comes to your wedding day. I frequently get asked whether or not it’s a good idea by my couples. First, let me say this: if you’re asking me if a first look is the right call, I would say yes. Not only does it give you and your vendors another chance to capture amazing imagery to help remember the finer details of your day, but seeing each other before the ceremony can help relieve a lot of stress, too.

If you’re still on the fence about it, consider these key benefits to taking that first look plunge.

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One of the main reasons I recommend couples do a first look is the way time tends to slip away as the wedding day goes on. When you wait to see each other until the ceremony, you’re getting far less time with each other. Planning the first look not only breaks up your photo sessions, it saves a lot of post-ceremony time, too. That means you can grab that drink at cocktail hour instead of being tied to a photography shot list for an extra hour after you’ve said “I Do.” Plus, the first look gives you and your soon-to-be spouse a dedicated chunk of time together, without the prying eyes of your guests.

When you do a first look, you’re effectively breaking up your photos and footage into smaller chunks of time. Doing this allows your photographer and filmmaker to find a few different locations around your ceremony and reception venue, bringing variety of shots and a fuller picture of your day looking back. Not to mention your first look often provides some of the most emotional imagery of your day and adds another layer of dimension to your day’s documented story.

As a bride, you’ve probably played the moment you walk down the aisle and your husband sees you for the first time in your head countless times. You might be worried about taking away from the magic of that moment, but don’t be! I can tell you from experience that not only is it just as special when he sees you during the first look, but doing a first look before the ceremony does nothing to ruin the moment you come down the aisle. They are two totally different experiences. You’ll both still get excited (and probably emotional) when you walk down the aisle, but you won’t have the added nerves that accompany your husband seeing you for the first time in that moment. So often the ceremony is chaotic, unpredictable, and happens much faster than you could imagine. Spending some time with your spouse beforehand helps alleviate the pressure, making the ceremony a more peaceful experience without losing any of the emotion and excitement.

The benefits of a first look are absolutely worth considering as you think about how the big day will play out. If you still need a little more convincing to get you off that fence and into first look-land, check out these videos to see how the first look adds to the day’s atmosphere.

Here’s a short sample from Instagram. Check out the full length version to see what happens next.

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