Netflix for your wedding film?

Netflix wedding videos

Recently I started offering a new service for Clients… Online streaming of their wedding films. Think Netflix but for weddings.

This is an example of how your wedding will be displayed online. By default the videos will play at the highest quality setting. Your video page will be password protected. For demonstration purposes this sample has the password feature turned off.

After you log in with your password you will have the ability to create a free account with the hosting service. Creating an account gives you lifetime access to the videos and the ability to share them on social media (if you choose) and to download the high definition files to your computer. The streaming videos can be viewed on your TV, PC, tablet or phone. Once you download the videos you can also watch them when not connected to the internet.

This is really great news as we move away from DVD’s and physical media in general. DVD’s scratch easy, get lost, wear out and are generally just unreliable. Why trust your cherished memories to an inferior delivery format. And don’t even get me started on the quality loss when I have to compress your high definition videos to fit on a DVD disc. Blu-ray DVD looks pretty good but there is nothing like watching the native high quality format. Having the downloadable files also gives you the ability to load them into your iTunes and play back on other devices such as an Apple TV.

Best of all this is future proof. Who knows what the next thing coming around the corner in terms of viewing content but knowing that your wedding film will be preserved in it’s highest quality and can be easily viewed on future devices is something you can’t really put a price on.

Check it out!

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