Queen Mary Wedding

Queen Mary Wedding cake

Today I’m featuring a wedding film that was a little different and allowed me to try out a few new ideas. Bridget and Jance were married on the historic Queen Mary in Long Beach, California. Both of them are talented artists in their own right and they personally designed and created several unique touches for their wedding. They share a love for Disney and the Haunted Mansion and created replica paintings that you would see in the mansion. They also created a very clever game for the guests to play during the cocktail hour and reception. The closet thing I can compare it to would be one of those escape room adventures. Several stations were set up around the boat which contained clues. Each guest received a message in a bottle which they used to decipher the different clues and the winner was the first one to figure out the code and unlock the secret chest.

The wedding started later in the day and being November the sun set almost as soon as I arrived. Knowing the timeline ahead of time I planned in advance to bring several lights and stands which I placed at the far end of the ceremony area to light them. I diffused the lighting so it was very subtle but without it they would have been in near darkest as the boat didn’t provide any lighting during the ceremony. The results were stunning as they were perfectly lit and you could see the out of focus lights from the city glowing in the background.

I love filming at the Queen Mary even though it is an adventure just moving from one level to the next. It has a vibe all it’s own that is a mix of haunting and beauty. This inspired me to pick the music that was a little darker than you might expect for a wedding film. Plus the lyrics talk about seeing a ghost so it was perfect! This video had the honor of taking third place in the Drobo Wedding Filmmakers Contest. Drobo makes storage devices for editing and were kind enough to send me a new Drobo Raid hard drive as the winning prize. Thanks Drobo!

One last note, near the end of the evening I’m pretty sure I felt some of that haunted energy. While filming some footage of their unique paintings in the hallway I kept hearing voices from behind me but all that was there was the wall. I leaned against the wall thinking there might be people on the other side talking or maybe there was some kind of echo happening but I did’t hear anything. I felt a weird brush of cool air against my arm and then my camera which was on the tripod and recording starting acting up. The settings started changing as if someone was pressing all the buttons on it. I pulled out my phone and took some video of the camera in action which you check out on my Instagram account.

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