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While DVD was the standard delivery system for wedding video for years it has finally reached the tipping point of being outdated and phased out. Just like records, cassette tapes and VHS technology changes and we must adapt with the times. I for one am super excited for what is on the horizon. DVD delivery was always frustrating. Seeing my beautiful work compressed to fit on a standard definition disc was painful. Things improved with Blu-ray Discs. Now we at least had high definition, although it was still compressed to fit on the disc. But discs to me always felt like a temporary solution. They are prone to scratching and wearing out. The clouds have parted and ray of shiny light in the form of USB Delivery has ascended from the heavens.

Last year I started offering delivery on USB thumb drives. Rather than sending out a boring and cold looking flash drive I decided to offer custom packaging. Clients that add on the USB option will receive a slick looking USB drive in custom packaging. No two packages will be the same.

USB Wedding VIdeo


Here is a recent sample where a client choose to add on the USB, Blu-ray discs and a hard drive containing the raw footage.


This is another example with a USB and Blu-ray DVD. This is two toned wood USB that folds out and is stored in cute vintage box.



The USB drives contain all of the wedding videos. Typically your highlight film, the entire ceremony and all of the speeches. Some weddings also include extras such as a rehearsal dinner. When you plug the USB into you computer it will open up a menu similar to what you would see on a DVD. Some smart TV’s will even play the USB if you insert it directly into the TV’s USB port.

I’m super excited to be offering these and seeing my work delivered in full quality high definition clarity. In the next post I’m going to talk more about the next big thing I’m offering which is streaming. Think online viewing of your wedding film in a similar delivery format as you would watch on Netflix.

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