What it means to work with me

Whether we’re meeting up to talk about your wedding, or it’s showtime, my goal as a wedding filmmaker is to deliver not only a great finished product but also a one of a kind experience.

My favorite way to achieve this is by making it a point to know each couple personally. Then, I set out to make working with me unique, by bringing out the couple’s personality and the feeling of the wedding in their video.

One technique I use to keep my client’s videos personal, is to purposely film a lot of establishing shots of the locations. Whether this is of the venues, going on an excursion with them in the surrounding area, or shots before the ceremony, these frames allow for the feel of the wedding to shine through.


They also allow me to do more stylized editing in the video and to built in intensity. During this process, I’ll add some grain to the film and warm it up so it looks more like it was shot with actual film, bringing a bespoke and custom feel to every video.

Another great idea is to film the rehearsal dinner. This helps give the finished video a more robust and complete representation of your whole wedding celebration.

Couples will often tell me that being able to hear the crystal clear audio of their friends and family is one of their favorite parts of the whole video. For me, it’s priceless to be able to capture the voices of my couples’ parents or grandparents so that even years after they have passed they can still hear them.

This is what ultimately makes video such a special medium- especially for weddings, you are able to preserve all those truly unique moment from the day.

By the time the wedding is over and the film completed, I’ve become incredibly close with every couple I’ve worked with. At that point, it’d be impossible for me to deliver anything less than phenomenal.

I take a great deal of pride in the art I create. From the quality of the finished product down to it’s handmade packaging using colors from the wedding, it’s important that I leave my clients with a cohesive, and unique takeaway of their day.

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Image courtesy of CallawayGable Photography.

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