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Thanks for visiting my new website and checking out my blog. I filmed my first wedding in 2002 and have been busy filming as many as 70 weddings a year since then. In 2013 I found myself wanting to go in a different direction. I was getting busier with commercial work which can be very lucrative but very time consuming. I contemplated not doing weddings anymore but there are few things about filming weddings that I just love and haven’t been able to find anywhere else that I knew I would miss.

First off there is a pressure of only getting one shot at getting it right that I thrive on. There are no second takes during a wedding during the key moments of the ceremony, etc. I also love how creative I can be to film and edit with music that I love and a vision that is solely mine. I encourage my clients to give me feedback which I take into consideration in the editing room but it’s much different from working with an ad agency or corporate client with a whole team of people giving their input. I just really love being able to create art without any creative limits and weddings give me that opportunity. It’s also great having an immediate audience that is invested in your work. When I post the couples wedding film online it is so amazing seeing the comments come flooding in about how much people were moved from watching it.

So there it is. In 2014 I rebranded my wedding business as Robert Michael Films which is just my first and middle name and set out with the goal to offer only the highest quality wedding films and amazing customer service. My plan is to limit myself to just a few exclusive weddings a year. Probably about a 12-15 and seek out clients that I have a great connection with and have an amazing story to tell. This way I can spend more time getting creative with each wedding edit, have a nice balance with my commercial work and more time to spend with my family on weekends.

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A little more about me and my background:

I remember being enrolled in a drawing class at a young age and taking to it immediately. By the time I was in high school I was teaching Fine Arts at a local studio. Not sure what I wanted to do I went to the local community college to study Art History and earn an Associate Degree in Fine Art from Moorpark College. I then went on to Cal State Northridge to work on my Bachelors Degree. It was there that my professor suggested I film my own videos rather than use the stock footage provided by the school. He offered up his very nice camera at the time (Canon XL1) and I’ve never looked back. I ended up not completing any of the assignments in his class. Instead, I organized three other friends in the class to help me make a short film and edit it in class. Having no idea what we were doing we only completed about a quarter of it by semesters end. Although it was pretty good for what it was. And we all received an A for the effort so it was a win/win. I ended up completing my degree in Digital Media which was a combination of editing, motion graphics and production. All of which proved very useful in creating wedding films.

In my free time I enjoy creating music with friends, playing the drums and spending time with my wife and two girls. Please spend some time viewing my wedding films and contact me at any time to discuss your wedding. I’m always on the look out for interesting couples, inspiring locations and new music for my films.

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