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I was interviewed today by a wedding blog called French Wedding Style. French Wedding Style was created for Brides planning their wedding in France and is one of the first dedicated resources for English speaking brides.

Today French Wedding Style is one of the most popular destination wedding blogs with over 48,000 visitors a month. Brides from around the globe visit the blog for location ideas and inspiration.

We had a nice interview where we talked about how I got into wedding filmmaking, my style, destination weddings and much more.

An excerpt from the French Wedding Style interview:

How does working with a destination couple differ from a domestic couple planning a wedding?

“There are a few differences with a destination wedding compared to a local wedding. And even within each of those categories there can be a lot of variety. If it’s a small destination wedding or elopement than typically I film the wedding by myself. Often I will also include some sort of excursion or activity. Similar to what a photographer might do with an engagement shoot. I like to find something that the couple is interested in and include that in the film to help round it out and give more insight into their personality and back-story.

The other type of destination wedding that I often do is typically through a wedding planner. This will usually be a weekend full of activities such as a rehearsal dinner, the wedding and third day with an activity or brunch.”

The biggest difference is that there is a lot of emphasize on the locations and the guest experience. A lot of times it is their first time visiting the location as well.

Read the full article HERE.

Have you used the French Wedding Style blog as resource for your wedding? If you are planning a destination wedding and would like to chat about having me film it get in touch here.

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