Do you Travel?

Yes. I’m passport ready and am available for destination weddings worldwide. I love filming new locations and incorporating footage of the city’s atmosphere into the wedding film. For most destination weddings I encourage having the rehearsal dinner filmed as well. I find that the speeches are more relaxed, funny and generally work really well in the edit mixed in with footage from the wedding day. Another fun idea is to have a meet up the day before or after the wedding and do a short video shoot with you enjoying the local festivities..

Do you have experience filming South Asian or Indian Weddings?

Yes, we have experience shooting events and weddings for a wide range of cultures. Give us a call so we can chat about your event and what type of coverage or editing would work best for you..

How do you pick the music for the edit?

I really make it a point to pay attention to your input as we are discussing the details of your day. This may include the types of music you like, samples of my work that you loved watching and the music that is played at the wedding. Then when I get to the editing stage I select music that fits best with each scene. If you think about a soundtrack from your favorite movies they may not include your favorite music but instead the soundtrack enhances the mood of the scene or the tone characters dialogue. I edit your wedding film using the same approach so that the music compliments the visuals. All of the music is purchased from music licensing sites that allow us to post your wedding film online to share with family and friends.

How far in advance do you book?

Having your wedding filmed is often one of the last things considered during the planning stage but the most treasured after the wedding. If you love what you see contact us early to secure your date. Our calendar often fills up more than a year in advance.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, we are fully insured and our insurance company can provide any necessary documents for your venue if requested..

How do you work with the photographer?

I love working with photographers! For parts of the day we work in tandem with the photographer. We help capture the best angles and lighting and enjoy working together as a team. And for other parts of the day I like to work completely away from what they are doing so as to capture all the elements of the day that the bride and groom are missing. While you are busy taking family portraits for example I can focus on other things like filming the venue, guests enjoying the cocktail party or capturing the details in the reception room..

Do you charge Sales Tax?

The State of California does not require us to charge Sales Tax if we are delivering your film via a digital download. We are however required to charge Sales Tax on the full amount of the package if we include a physical product such as a USB or DVD. Digital Delivery is quick way to receive your videos and be able to share them with family and friends.

How is the aerial footage incorporated?

In my opinion what makes aerial footage so powerful is using it sparingly. Anything that is overused or becomes too much about the equipment sucks the viewer right out of the story. My recommendations for using a drone are to capture establishing shots (especially if you have an epic location). A few things to keep in mind are that drones are very loud and are dangerous. We will not fly them over people or have them buzzing over your ceremony distracting everyone and putting their safety at risk.